Reflections: God is Watching over You

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Today I want to share some encouraging Bible verses that remind me that God is watching over every believer. He also does look out for those who do not believe giving them many chances to believe the truth. When you become a believer you are adopted by God and become his child. His children have a higher level of protection. So come get under his wing while you have the chance.

Psalm 91:1-2 KJV — He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

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Isaiah 43:2 KJV — When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

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John 16:33 KJV — These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

I hope that this encouraged you today. What are some verses that encourage you?

5 Albums You Should Have on Your Playlist

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“Hymn of Heaven” by Phil Wickham

This album has been encouraging me so much. I love every song on it. I especially like “Reason I Sing” and “House of the Lord”.

“The Worship Project” by Jeremy Camp & Adrienne Camp

The songs on this album are true worship songs that point to Jesus. I appreciate this about these songs. This was truly needed in the days we are living in.

“Woven and Spun” by Nichole Nordeman

I think Nichole is a brilliant songwriter. I can relate so much to her songs. I hope these songs will reach your hearts as well. One of my favorite songs on this album is called “I Am”. I cry each time I listen to it.

“Portals” by Fleurie

I highly recommend this album, it will take you on a beautiful adventure. I could not find the album playlist but here is a playlist of her songs.

“Her Heart Sings Volume 2” by Sounds like Reign

I love this band that includes their entire family. This album only features one of them but I want to share it because I love the hymns.

I hope that you will give these a listen and add some of these artists to your playlist. What are some of your favorite albums?

Accommodations for Students who are Blind or Have Low Vision

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Now that the school year is about to begin I want to take this opportunity to discuss the topic of accommodations for students with disabilities. The best advice I can give from personal experience is to take advantage of the assistance that is available to you as a student with a disability.

I have been visually impaired since birth. I went to a pre-school specifically for blind and visually impaired children. When I started the first grade I went to a mainstream class (meaning regular education). During my early grades I had a teacher of the visually impaired (TVi) who tried to teach me braille. I say I tried because I refused to learn because I thought I did not need it.Now that I look back, I really wish I had taken the opportunity to learn it when I was young. 

I would advise parents or students to contact their school to set up the services they will need. In grades K-12 this is done through an individual Education plan (iEP). Those in college should contact the department for students with disabilities. 

Here are some accommodations that I had throughout my school years.

Large print materials

I did not grow up in the era of ipads and tablets and chromebooks. We did everything on paper. I was able to access my schoolwork by having all worksheets provided to me in large print. 

These days laptops and tablets can reduce the amount of paprint material and offer more flexibility in adjusting the size and color contrast. 

I often refused large print materials because the papers were very large and I did not want to stand out. I would have loved to have been able to use an ipad or laptop. 

There are also CcTV’s that magnify print materials.

Here is an example of one.

Sitting in the front of the class

I always had a seat at the front of the class. The truth is that this did not really help me as I was still unable to see the board.

There is assistive technology such as cameras that can be used to zoom into the board now that can solve this issue. There are also note takers who will sit with you in class and help you tby taking notes for you.

Here is a piece of assistive technology that could help to access the chalkboard.

How to handle tests

I usually got my test material in large print and I also was given extra time to complete the exam. There were times I would complete the test in a separate room and I did have a reader once or twice for a state wide test. 

Some extra thoughts

I think that technology has come a very long way and now students can blend in a lot easier as ipads and laptops are commonly used now. There are also braille displays and notetakers available allowing for more independence for blind and visually impaired students. 

These are my suggestions for accommodations but you only know what will be the best accommodations for your unique situation.

One more point I want to make is that you must advocate for what you need and do not be afraid to ask for the accommodations you need. I made my school life a lot harder than it had to be by refusing assistance. Technology has made tasks much easier and more enjoyable. So, go on and take on this new school year and get that A!

Reflections: Are You Ready for the Future?

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Are you ready for the future? Do you have a safety net? The recent 7.2 M earthquake in Haiti and the developments in Afghanistan and the wildfires in California and this ongoing virus are a strong reminder of the uncertain days we live in. 

I am a Christian, and I believe in the Bible, and the Bible tells of a future time when all these events will pale in comparison to what is to come. Imagine the Haiti earthquake occurring in many cities around the world all at once. Imagine wildfires starting all around the world at the same time. Imagine 100 pound hail coming down around you. This is all part of the wrath of God that will one day come upon this earth upon all those who were not gathered up at Jesus Christ’s second coming (this is also known as the rapture). 

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Read Revelation 8 and Revelation 16 for more details.

Times will be hard before the rapture. Believers will still face severe persecution, there will be world war and famine and an increase in earthquakes (read Matthew 24) but not as bad as what happens after it.

Watch these videos to learn more.

The only way to be ready for the future is to trust in Jesus Christ and be saved. God will protect his children. 

Hard times are ahead but if we are on God’s side we can face anything, even death. 

Starbucks Gets an A+ in Accessibility

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When businesses disregard accessibility, they can expect to lose out on revenue. 

One of the most frustrating aspects for me as someone with a disability is to encounter businesses that completely disregard accessibility. I wrote a post on how businesses can become more accessible, you can read it here.

As someone with a vision impairment, I am mainly looking for any print materials and web pages to be fully accessible. 

I recently went to eat at a restaurant and as I usually do I went to their website to check the menu so I would be able to choose my order beforehand as I am not able to read the print menus. Sadly, the website only had a photo of the menu. T did not include any description and therefore was not accessible. I had to ask someone to read the menu to me while at the restaurant.I personally would not return to this place.

It is important to highlight businesses that are making an effort to be accessible to everyone. I recently found out that Starbucks started to provide menus in braille and in large print. This is an excellent step towards accessibility. Learn more in the video below.

I hope that more restaurants will follow this example. Do you know of restaurants that care about accessibility? Highlight them below in the comments.