The Autumn Tag

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Autumn is finally here. This is one of my favorite seasons. Today I want to share some of my favorite things about the autumn season by answering the questions in the autumn tag. 

These tag questions come from the Seven Rose’s blog.

1. Favorite thing about autumn? 

Photo shows a park with trees and autumn foliage  in the countryside
Photo is by giani via Pixabay

I love the crisp cooler weather. I love that it is the season for hot drinks like hot chocolate. I love the change that takes place in nature.

2. Spooky autumn or cosy autumn?

I am not a fan of anything spooky so I would say that I do enjoy the cosy aspect of the autumn season. 

3.Haunted house or Halloween party?

I will pass on both of these things. I do not celebrate Halloween. I am not afraid of a possibly haunted house but I would not find any fun in exploring one.

4. Carve pumpkins or paint pumpkins?

I would probably paint a pumpkin. Carving a pumpkin can quickly become a very messy and unpleasant situation but I guess that is all part of the fun.

5. Go apple picking or go on a hayride?

I really enjoy apple picking. I enjoy being in nature and having a nice day out. I also like eating apple cider donuts at the end of the day. 

6. Pumpkin spice lattes or mulled apple cider?

I love apple cider, it is one of my favorite drinks. 

7. What did you dress up as for Halloween last year?

I do not celebrate Halloween.

8. Falling rain or a crackling fireplace?

I would choose the sound of falling rain. This is one of my favorite sounds. 

9Have you purchased any fall decor yet?

No, but Iwould recommend wax warmers as a good addition to your autumn home decor 

10. Favorite photo that you took last fall?

I do not take many photos so I do not have a favorite picture to share here.

11. Favorite autumn themed movie?

I am not a fan of watching movies and I don’t have an answer for this question.

12. Favorite color to wear in autumn?

I like burgundy and brown and I also like wearing jean jackets.

13. Favorite autumn themed book?

I do enjoy reading books but I can’t think of an autumn themed book to call my favorite.

14. Best way to spend a rainy day?

I think the best way to spend a rainy day is in my room listening to music and just relaxing.

15. Favorite Halloween candy?

I like anything with peanut butter but as I said before I don’t celebrate Halloween.

16. Favorite autumn quote?

I am a big fan of poetry. Here is a poem on autumn.

17. Favorite autumn leaf?

I had to do some research for this but one that got my attention is the Northern Red Oak leaf found in New York.

Photo shows a group of red leaves
Photo is by WikimediaImages via Pixabay

18. Favorite autumn activity?

Well I would have to say that going apple picking is a highlight for me including a hayride.

19. Favorite autumn scent?

I would say that vanilla and cinnamon are my favorite scents during this season.

20. Is your birthday in Autumn?

No, my birthday is actually in July. I was actually born 3 months early so I should have been an autumn baby. 🙂

What are some of your favorite things about the autumn season?

Summer Favorites | Lifestyle, Fashion & More

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Hello everyone, I hope you all have been enjoying your summer!

Today I want to share some of my summer favorites with you. I hope that these items will be helpful suggestions to help you enjoy your summer even more!

This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned below.

Excellent water bottles

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My stainless steel water bottle. The top is a  stainless steel silver color and the bottle portion is in teil blue 
#summer #summeressentials #water #hydration

In my opinion, the best type of water bottle to take with you on your next summer outing is a stainless steel water bottle. This bottle will keep your water ice cold from the moment you leave home to the end of the day and beyond. I left my bottle in a car on one of those 100 degree days and the water remained at the same cold temperature. 

Waterproof phone cases

A photo of my plastic waterproof phone case. The case has a strap to secure it over your head. The case is on a background that has pink and coral colors. 
#summer #phones #phonecases #summeressentials

These days our cell phones come with us wherever we go, and the beach or pool is no exception. Waterproof phone cases have made it possible to take those pool pics from inside the water. The phone case I have is made of a soft plastic and you have full use of the phone while it is in the case. 

Summer skincare and haircare 

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Burt's Bees lip balm, face moisturizer and cleanser are on my vanity dresser. 

I highly recommend Burt’s Bees skincare products for every season. Summer days require good moisturizers and cleansers. I highly recommend the Daily Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin and the Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. I also recommend the original lip balm by Burt’s Bees. 

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The bottle of the oyin handmade cave-in hair tonic is on my vanity dresser

I recently found a product to refresh my hair on those summer days and it also has a great fresh scent. It is the Oyin Handmade Juices and Berries Herbal Leave-In Hair Tonic. I like this because it is natural and it leaves my hair soft and refreshed and it really does smell like berries. 

Modest swimwear

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Swim dress from Cute and Covered. The pattern on the dress is of large dots in various colors. They resemble purple butterflies
#summer #swimwear #swimsuits

I am a Christian and I believe in dressing modestly. I also believe that as a woman I should wear skirts and dresses. I found a small business started by a Christian mother that created a solution for her and her daughters to be able to have modest swimwear. The business is called Cute and Covered.

The swimwear they offer are swim dresses. It is a one-piece swimsuit with leggings that go to the knee with a skirt over the leggings and a zipper in the back. The swimsuit can also be worn with the zipper side in the front for those that are nursing babies. I usually wear it with a zipper in the front because it is easier for me to get the swimsuit on and off. 

This is not sponsored by Cute and Covered. I just wanted to share these modest swimsuits and I really love the variety of colors and patterns that are available. 

You can purchase premade swimsuits that are available in a range of sizes from children to adults, and if you are good at sewing you can purchase digital patterns along with all the materials you will need to make your own swimsuit from them as well.

Summer shoes

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Black crocks with a New York Yankees jibbit on one shoe
#summer #shoes #crocks

Well I may be late to the party on this one but I recently got a pair of crocks. I really like them and they are very comfortable. I was also recently introduced to jibbitz and was given a New York Yankees jibbit that I now have on my right shoe.

Summer drinks

There is not much else that screams summer than sitting by the pool or by the ocean with an ice cold cup with your favorite drink.

I would say that lemonade is my favorite summer drink. It always cools me down. I also love lemon slushies.

Some extra thoughts

I have also shared my summer favorites in a video, you can watch the video below to get a closer look at some of the items I have shared.

What are some of your summer favorites? Leave them in the comments below.

5 of My Favorite YouTube Channels

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I no longer watch television but I do watch a lot of YouTube videos. Here are 5 of my favorite channels. I like to watch a variety of things and i will be sharing more in the future.

Agenda-Free TV

When it comes to news coverage this is my favorite channels. This channel covers breaking news and other news alerts. The viewers get to write in and get their comments read live on air. As the channel name implies, the coverage is unbiased. I learn a lot and enjoy the coverage and I learn a lot each time.

This Gathered Nest

I love this family and how diverse they are. They have 8 children, six of which are adopted. They have recently moved and are building up a small hobby farm. I love keeping up with all the animals. They have horses, lamas, pigs, goats, rabbits and a dog. This is a family friendly channel that everyone can enjoy.

The Frey Life

The Frey Life chronicles the daily lives of Mary and Peter Frey. Mary has cystic fibrosis and she shares her challenges and victories through life. Peter is a wonderful example of a great husband as he and Mary work as a team facing life together. Their videos teach me to find joy in the small moments each day.

Dianna with two Ns

You will find a bit of everything on this channel. She discusses various topics related to living with low vision as well as other lifestyle topics.

Gabriella Mendonca

Gabriella loves all aspects related to the performing arts. On her channel she discusses topics related to blindness and she also performs song covers sharing her wonderful voice.

Some extra thoughts

I hope you can check out these channels. Let me know what your favorite channels are in the comments below. I am always on the look out for more YouTube channels to watch.

My Winter Favorites: Skin Care to Home Decor

image background shows snow and a winter aesthetic drawing  text reads winter favorites

Living on the East coast of the United States gives me the opportunity to experience the winter season. Yes, snow and ice and those frigid days and nights are part of my life this time of year. I would like to share some of my winter favorites from skin care to home decor. This post is not sponsored by any of the products mentioned below.

Hair care products for the winter season

I am a very simple person when it comes to hair care. I prefer to use natural products as much as possible. I have very curly hair and the one product i would recommend to use is coconut oil. I believe that it helps my hair from getting too dry in the winter season. 

Skin care products for the winter season

I tend to get dry skin during the winter so I use products to keep my skin moisturized. I love Burt’s Bees products because they are 99% natural. The products I really like are;

  • Burt’s Bees original lip balm
  • Bur’s Bees Milk and Honey body lotion
  • Bur’s Bees Daily Facial moisturizer

I also use cocoa butter and coconut oil as a body moisturizer.

Foods and drinks i enjoy during the winter

This winter i have not had much oatmeal but this is one of my favorite foods to have during winter. I especially like oatmeal I get from a spanish bakery. My dad gets it for me once in a while and i eat it along with a wonderful fresh baked bread that they make. 

My favorite winter beverage is hot chocolate. I do not drink it all the time but i love it very much. I also enjoy ginger tea as well. 

Winter home decor

I am not sure if wax warmers would count as home decor but I think they double as interesting decorations around the home as well as providing wonderful scents to each room.

I enjoy using my wax warmers because they somehow make my room seem warmer with the wonderful scents. I also like electric heaters as i am always colder than everyone else. I do not use mine that often but it does make a difference on those extra cold days.

Some extra thoughts

I hope that you are enjoying your winter if you get to experience this season. What are some of your winter favorites? Share them in the comments below.

5 of My Favorite Podcast

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I enjoy listening to podcasts and I want to share 5 podcasts you may find interesting.

1. Radio Lab

I usually listen to Radio Lab on WNYC radio. I learn a lot each time as they discuss interesting topics. You can listen to the podcast on Spottify.

2. The Moth

In this podcast you will hear people from all walks of life tell their stories in front of a live audience.

3. Selected Shorts

This podcast features short stories read by actors. They make the stories come to life.

4. Snap Judgement

Let’s just continue with the storytelling trend we are on. I enjoy this podcast because it brings stories to life by adding a cool soundtrack that helps to further draw you in to each story.

5. The Jamie Grace Podcast

I think I should add something a little different in case you are not that interested in storytelling. In this podcast Jamie Grace discusses topics related to life, love and friendship from a Christian point of view. I have learned a lot from her.

I hope that you will give these podcasts a listen. Let me know which one is your favorite.