What to Expect when Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed: My Personal Experience

Image is a cartoon depicting a teeth cleaning. Text reads what to expect when getting wisdom teeth removed
The cartoon image is by Memed_Nurrohmad via Pixabay

Has your recent dentist appointment resulted in a referral to get one or more of your wisdom teeth removed? Well if this is your situation i want to give you an idea of what you can expect. This is only my personal experience and I am not a medical expert. 

I am someone who really dislikes going to the dentist. My least favorite part is when I have to get x-rays done. I always find myself very close to vomiting at the end of the session. At the end of 2019 I began to have pain around my teeth at the back of my mouth. I thought that I had a cavity so I had no choice but to get it checked out. The dentist told me that my wisdom teeth were coming in and that was causing my pain. The dentist said that I had to get them removed.

I have read that wisdom teeth usually come in at an earlier age, however this happened to me at age 33.

Wisdom tooth removal 

I was referred to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed. I went early in the morning. I had to be fasting for about 8 hours as I was going to go under IV sedation. The doctor took x-rays of my mouth again. I did like the x-ray system in this office as I did not have to put plastics in my mouth. A machine circled my head instead and it was a much better experience. 

My vitals were taken shortly after the x-rays and the doctor explained that he would only remove one wisdom tooth on that occasion as the second one would be a more complicated operation. I got the IV sedation medicine and I quickly dozed off. I am thankful that I was not awake for this procedure.


I came out of the sedation feeling very sleepy and dizzy. The pain began to hit me about 20 minutes after that. I was prescribed a stronger version of Ibuprofen. I did not bleed too much but I was in a lot of pain for the next few days and my face was swollen. A portion of my bottom lip was numb for several days. I Definitely recommend using ice packs to help ease the pain.

Some extra thoughts

I hope that this account of my experience is helpful for you if you need to get wisdom teeth removed. Leave any questions below in the comments section.