(L) Lighting a Candle | How a Blind or Visually impaired Person Lights a Candle (#AToZChallenge 2021)

The 2021 blogging from a to Z April Challenge letter l graphic is on top center of image. Text below reads lighting a candle how a blind or visually impaired person lights a candle.
The 2021 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge letter L graphic is available here.

My theme for the 2021 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is to give an overview of what it is like to be visually impaired and to address the misconceptions regarding those in the blind and visually impaired community.

In this post I will discuss the topic of candles. This may seem like a random topic but I want to show that a blind or visually impaired person is able to light a candle independently.

I think it is important to highlight these tasks because it shows that the loss of sight does not stop a person from enjoying every day life.

I want to say that I am visually impaired and I personally choose to avoid candles but this is my personal choice. There are several examples of blind and visually impaired people who love candles and use them independently.

Here are some videos below. I think this is a better way to explain this.

Now you know that it is safe and possible for blind and visually impaired people to use candles.

(I) Independent Living (#AToZChallenge 2021)

The blogging from a to Z April Challenge letter I graphic is on the top center. Text below reads independent living
The 2021 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge letter I graphic is available here.

My theme for the 2021 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is to give an overview of what it is like to be visually impaired and to squash misconceptions regarding blindness and low vision.

One of the misconceptions that some people have about blind or visually impaired people is that they are not able to live independently. People think that they need a caregiver at all times. In this post I want to share that it is possible for a blind person to live independently. I am visually impaired myself and I do still live with my parents but this is my choice and it has nothing to do with my vision impairment. 

How a person who is blind or has low vision handles money

First, to have money, you must have a source of income. It is true that over 70 percent of people that are blind or visually impaired are unemployed, but it is possible for a blind or visually impaired person to hold a job in various career fields and to perform the work as well as their sighted peers due to assistive technology. I will be discussing jobs in my next post in this series. Let’s get back to the matter of money. There are apps that can identify dollar bills and there are ways to organize money in a wallet to keep track of each amount. Most banks have now moved online and this makes things even more accessible information can be accessed using screen reads which are text to speech programs that read the text on the screen. Banks also offer large print checks and some banking cards can have braille added to them. A person who is blind or has low vision is able to manage their finances independently. 

I will also add how the mail and Bill’s are read.

How a person who is blind or has low vision cooks and shops for groceries

A person who is blind or has low vision shops for groceries like everyone else. They can go to a physical store and the only difference is that they may ask for a shopping assistant to help them locate items. All stores should offer this service to their customers that need it. There is also an app called AiRA that connects to a trained agent over video call and they can assist a vlind or visually impaired person to navigate a store and locate items. Delivery services have become more widely available as well allowing all the shopping to be done online from home.

Cooking without sight is not much different from cooking with sight. There are tools that make certain kitchen tasks more accessible. There are talking food thermometers and talking scales There are measuring spoons and cups with braille and large print labels. There are tips and hacks that make things safer and easier but it is very possible to cook without sight.

How a person who is blind or has low vision handles daily living and household tasks

When it comes to getting dressed a blind or visually impaired person is able to pick out their own clothes and have their own style. I wrote more about that here..

A blind or visually impaired person is able to do laundry independently. Machines can be made accessible with bump dots to identify buttons on a touch screen. This system works for all touch screen machines around the home. 

Cleaning can be done by touch and it may not be perfect but it is doable. 

Some extra thoughts

I hope that this gives you a better insight into what is possible. Please leave any questions in the comments below.

Loom Knitting is Fun, Accessible and Relaxing

Image shows round and rectangular looms of various colors and sizes  with 2 balls of yarn. Text reads loom knitting is fun, accessible & relaxing.

I discovered loom knitting several years ago. I heard about it on an audio post. I had tried knitting with knitting needles before but I had trouble catching on. I found that loom knitting was more fitting for me. I learned how to loom knit from YouTube videos.

Loom knitting became a very enjoyable activity for me when i was at a point in life with a lot of free time. I enjoy each time i can create something out of a ball of yarn.

Loom knitting is a very tactile craft and you can do everything by touch. I am visually impaired and I find the tactile aspect very helpful. I know there are many blind people that can knit with needles but the loom is the best choice for me. It is a very accessible tool.

The very action of doing similar motions around the loom is very relaxing for me. It also is a lot of fun when I complete an item and can wear it and get good use out of it. Here are some of the things I have made.

2 sets of long fingerless gloves 1 is green 1 is a purple burgundy  color. There is a green hat with a black brim. There are 2 ear warmers 1 is purple burgundy  and the other is black and red.

I have also made scarves and a dress for a doll among other things. I hope to make more items in the near future. If you would like to try loom knitting I suggest you start by watching this video and you can start your first project.

Let me know what helps you relax and what is your favorite hobby? Give loom knitting a try you may find another fun way to relax and get some accessories at the same time.

Valentine’s Day: Do you Go Big or Stay Low-key?

Text reads valentine's day go big or Low-key. Question mark. There is a cluster of candy hearts below the text with bottom part of text over a part of the hearts.

Valentine’s Day has evolved into a big romantic day over time. It is that special time of year when the fancy dresses and suits get taken out of storage and fancy dinners are had at fancy restaurants. This is the day when all the chocolate and candy is most popular and let’s not forget about the flowers.

In my opinion Valentine’s Day has become much bigger than it should be. I think that when you are in a relationship you should treat every day as if it were Valentine’s Day. I am not in a relationship but if i was I would want a low-key day on Valentine’s Day and would not make a big deal about it. I am someone that prefers to stay home and am not a big fan of restaurants. I do enjoy chocolates but something small would be fine with me.

I also want to add that this day is also a time to celebrate friendships. If you have been given the opportunity to find a great friend or group of friends do not take them for granted.

Do you celebrate big or stay low-key? Share your opinion in the comments below. 

What I Eat in a Day: Get Some Meal Ideas

Text reads some meal ideas. Top image shows a half eaten waffle sandwich. Image on the bottom left is of a pizza. Image on the bottom right shows salmon and rice.

Have you ever found yourself stuck wondering what to eat? I have been there more than one time. Well today I have three meal ideas for you as I share what I eat in a day. I chronicled my meals on Tuesday February 2nd. I hope this will give you some ideas for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner.

Waffles for breakfast with a twist

Image shows a half eaten waffle that has peanut butter in it as a sandwich. There is a bronze cup with orange juice in it.

Yes, I know waffles sound like a basic meal, but give this a try. I do use the frozen ready to eat waffles because i am not fancy enough to make my own. The twist is that I add peanut butter and turn it into a sandwich. I will also use nutella instead of peanut butter once in a while. I like this with blueberry waffles. This day I had it with some orange juice along with some water.

Salmon for lunch

Image shows salmon and white rice.

On this day i had salmon and white rice for lunch. This is actually one of my favorite meals. The salmon has onions and ginger and it is baked. I just had water to drink this time. I also like having broccoli on the side but I only had rice this time.

Snack time

I had a half of a rice cake as a snack. I did not take a photo of this. I am trying to eat healthy but I love all of the sweet treats. My favorite snack is any kind of cookie. I think a rice cake is a more healthy choice. 

Pizza for dinner

Image shows a slice of thin crust sausage pizza.

For dinner i had thin crust sausage pizza. It was very good. I usually eat a smaller meal for dinner and have my larger meal at lunch. I had water to drink like I usually do.

Some extra thoughts

I hope that you got some meal ideas for when you run out of ideas. I am not a cook so I have to thank my mother for making the salmon and rice. I am hoping to learn to cook in the future. I would most likely make most of my food on the George Foreman grill. Share your favorite meals or what you ate today below.