My Experience Learning Greek (Part 3)

I have been on a journey to learn Greek for a few years now. I started because I wanted to learn Koine Greek to be able to read the New Testament of the Bible in it's original language. This is still a goal that I have but I am taking a different path to get … Continue reading My Experience Learning Greek (Part 3)

My Experience with Band Keratopathy

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Band Keratopathy. I am completely blind in my right eye so this was concerning for me. Band Keratopathy causes calcium deposits to build up and form a band on the cornea. This was occurring in my left eye and was beginning to impact my already limited vision. … Continue reading My Experience with Band Keratopathy

Updates: Faith, Life, Fitness and Looking Ahead to 2022

Hello everyone! I know I have been away from this blog for a while. Thank you to those who are still here. Well I am back with one more post for this year but I will God willing be back in January with my regular posting schedule. So now I just want to give some … Continue reading Updates: Faith, Life, Fitness and Looking Ahead to 2022

The Autumn Tag

(Autumn leaves graphic is from the Canva library) Autumn is finally here. This is one of my favorite seasons. Today I want to share some of my favorite things about the autumn season by answering the questions in the autumn tag.  These tag questions come from the Seven Rose's blog. 1. Favorite thing about autumn?  … Continue reading The Autumn Tag

5 Albums I Enjoy Listening To

"Hymn of Heaven" by Phil Wickham This album has been encouraging me so much. I love every song on it. I especially like "Reason I Sing" and "House of the Lord". "The Worship Project" by Jeremy Camp & Adrienne Camp The songs on this album are true worship songs that point to Jesus. I … Continue reading 5 Albums I Enjoy Listening To