I am Visually Impaired and I use Glasses and a White Cane and a Cellphone

In this image I am standing holding my phone and a white cane and wearing glasses. I am wearing a white shirt and a skirt with blue and white stripes. Text reads I am visually impaired and use glasses and a white cane and a cellphone

When you see someone using a white cane and wearing glasses you may have some questions. You may wonder if the person is actually blind. I want to bring awareness to the fact that blindness is on a spectrum. This means there can be someone with no light perception to someone that has some usable vision.

I am one who has some usable vision but not enough to be safe without a cane when I am out on my own. I explain more in this video.

I use glasses with a very high prescription so the lenses are very thick and they make my eyes look much bigger. The glasses magnify what I see and allow me to see things at a close distance but my one good eye is unable to focus on details. My vision also changes depending on lighting and on how much contrast there is.

I also want to add that assistive technology such as screen readers and magnification allow those who are blind or have low vision to use a cellphone independently. Screen readers turn text to speech and the user can interact with the screen the same way a sighted person would.

I have returned to YouTube to be able to reach more people with my story and to share my experiences. I will also be sharing faith related videos and lifestyle videos as I combine it with this blog.

So please take time to get to know someone and just ask questions instead of assuming things.

I hope to continue to educate others about vision impairement and help make more aware of the facts.

(Q) Q & A with a Visually Impaired Person (#AToZChallenge 2021)

The 2021 blogging from a to Z letter q graphic is on the top center. Text below reads q & a with a visually impaired person
The 2021 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge letter Q graphic is available here.

My theme for the 2021 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is to give an overview of what it is like to be visually impaired. I also hope to break misconceptions that still exist about those that are blind or have low vision. In this post I want to give this a personal touch and answer some questions on living with low vision from my point of view. These are my own experiences and should not be generalized.

What is your eye condition?

My eye condition is Retinopathy of Prematurity I was born 3 months early weighing 1 pound and 6 ounces and blood vessels in my retina did not develop correctly.

How does your eye condition impact your eyesight?

I am completely blind in my right eye. I have limited usable vision in my left eye.

Do glasses help you?

I do use glasses with a high prescription. My glasses magnify what I am looking at and they help me identify things around me. However, glasses do not restore my sight to 20/20. I can not see small details because my eye does not focus well on items. I have trouble seeing in bright sunlight and in dim lighting.

Do you use a cane or guide dog?

I use a white cane when I am out on my own. The cane helps me alert others i have trouble seeing them and it alerts me of upcoming curbs, steps and any obstacles in my path I may not see.

What can you see?

*large print
*faces (but only if I am a few inches away)

I can see:

I can not see;

*eye color
*social cues such as certain looks or facial expressions
*the stars at night
*snowflakes falling

There is more but this is a glimpse into my eyesight.

I will keep this post short. If you have questions leave them below.

Loom Knitting is Fun, Accessible and Relaxing

Image shows round and rectangular looms of various colors and sizes  with 2 balls of yarn. Text reads loom knitting is fun, accessible & relaxing.

I discovered loom knitting several years ago. I heard about it on an audio post. I had tried knitting with knitting needles before but I had trouble catching on. I found that loom knitting was more fitting for me. I learned how to loom knit from YouTube videos.

Loom knitting became a very enjoyable activity for me when i was at a point in life with a lot of free time. I enjoy each time i can create something out of a ball of yarn.

Loom knitting is a very tactile craft and you can do everything by touch. I am visually impaired and I find the tactile aspect very helpful. I know there are many blind people that can knit with needles but the loom is the best choice for me. It is a very accessible tool.

The very action of doing similar motions around the loom is very relaxing for me. It also is a lot of fun when I complete an item and can wear it and get good use out of it. Here are some of the things I have made.

2 sets of long fingerless gloves 1 is green 1 is a purple burgundy  color. There is a green hat with a black brim. There are 2 ear warmers 1 is purple burgundy  and the other is black and red.

I have also made scarves and a dress for a doll among other things. I hope to make more items in the near future. If you would like to try loom knitting I suggest you start by watching this video and you can start your first project.

Let me know what helps you relax and what is your favorite hobby? Give loom knitting a try you may find another fun way to relax and get some accessories at the same time.

What I Eat in a Day: Get Some Meal Ideas

Text reads some meal ideas. Top image shows a half eaten waffle sandwich. Image on the bottom left is of a pizza. Image on the bottom right shows salmon and rice.

Have you ever found yourself stuck wondering what to eat? I have been there more than one time. Well today I have three meal ideas for you as I share what I eat in a day. I chronicled my meals on Tuesday February 2nd. I hope this will give you some ideas for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner.

Waffles for breakfast with a twist

Image shows a half eaten waffle that has peanut butter in it as a sandwich. There is a bronze cup with orange juice in it.

Yes, I know waffles sound like a basic meal, but give this a try. I do use the frozen ready to eat waffles because i am not fancy enough to make my own. The twist is that I add peanut butter and turn it into a sandwich. I will also use nutella instead of peanut butter once in a while. I like this with blueberry waffles. This day I had it with some orange juice along with some water.

Salmon for lunch

Image shows salmon and white rice.

On this day i had salmon and white rice for lunch. This is actually one of my favorite meals. The salmon has onions and ginger and it is baked. I just had water to drink this time. I also like having broccoli on the side but I only had rice this time.

Snack time

I had a half of a rice cake as a snack. I did not take a photo of this. I am trying to eat healthy but I love all of the sweet treats. My favorite snack is any kind of cookie. I think a rice cake is a more healthy choice. 

Pizza for dinner

Image shows a slice of thin crust sausage pizza.

For dinner i had thin crust sausage pizza. It was very good. I usually eat a smaller meal for dinner and have my larger meal at lunch. I had water to drink like I usually do.

Some extra thoughts

I hope that you got some meal ideas for when you run out of ideas. I am not a cook so I have to thank my mother for making the salmon and rice. I am hoping to learn to cook in the future. I would most likely make most of my food on the George Foreman grill. Share your favorite meals or what you ate today below.

The Disabled Blogger Tag

Image shows a photo of me. The text below it reads the disabled blogger tag. The background is white.

Today I would like to give you a glimpse into my motivation for this blog where I discuss disability related topics as well as various other topics. I decided to do this by sharing my response to the questions on the Disabled Blogger Tag. This tag was started by Elin on her blog My Blurred World. 

1. When and why did you start your blog?

I started this blog in may of 2019. I started this blog to share my story and give others a glimpse into my life as a visually impaired person. I hope to encourage others that are blind or visually impaired and to let them know they are not alone. 

2. Did you intend to talk about your disability online from the beginning?

Yes, I have always tried to be open about my disability because my goal is to educate and encourage others with the content that I post.

3. Have you ever been skeptical about talking about your disability online? 

I have not hesitated to share my story and on being open about my disability. My motivation is to help and encourage others and that in turn gives me the courage to share all i share. 

4. What kind of response do you receive in terms of your disability related posts?

I would say that people are usually supportive when I share about my disability. I am glad to see that people are open to learning about what it is like to be visually impaired. I am thankful for this because it means I get to reach some people and help to bring more awareness to the visually impaired community.

5. Do you write about other topics apart from your disability?

Yes I discuss my Christian faith and lessons I learn along this journey through life. I write about a bit of everything regarding lifestyle and share my opinions on various issues regarding society and culture from time to time.

6. What steps do you take to make your blog accessible to yourself as well as other people?

I use a screen reader myself so i try to ensure that my blog theme is built with accessibility in mind. I also make it a point to describe every image on my blog to the best of my ability. I include the description within the alt text. Alt text is read by screen reader software but is not visible on the screen.

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging about your disability?

I enjoy sharing my story and letting others in a similar situation that they are not alone. I wear very thick glasses and growing up I did not know anyone that looked like me so I want to be someone others can relate to while growing with thick glasses and having low vision. I still wear thick glasses as an adult and it can be hard at times. I hope to be of support to others by sharing my story.

8. What are your top 3 favorite disability related blog posts that you’ve ever published?

My blog is still growing and i still have much more to share but these are my top 3 favorite posts at this time.

9. Do you think that the disabled bloggers/youTubers are overlooked?

I think that anyone with a disability is usually overlooked but I think that as more people with disabilities start blogs and YouTube channels this will change. The disabled community is growing in the media and I am thankful for this.

10. Do you find it difficult to think of new disability related content to publish?

When it comes to coming up with content i have found the most helpful thing to do is to create a content calendar. When it comes to disability related content I come with content by sharing my personal experiences and by reacting to what the community is sharing.

11. Do you think that blogging about your disability helps to change people’s perceptions?

I hope that I am able to contribute even a drop in the bucket to help change the way people view the disabled community.

12. Who do you tag?

I tag any disabled blogger that is reading this. We need every voice to contribute to destroy the stereotypes that are out there regarding people with disabilities.