Reflections: The Beauty of Life

The beauty of life poem text reads 
Arise, open your eyes
Stand in wonder
At the sea, and the stars.
All nature shouts
Take it in, every piece,
All around you
Is the beauty of life.

Do you ever feel that your life is on a fast train and you are constantly on go? The pandemic has slowed things down for many and it is a time to reflect.

I think it is important to stop and reflect on the beauty of life. First our own life is such a gift from God. Next we should take time to pause and take in the beauty and gift of creation.

I wrote this poem in 2018 and it is still relevant today. The poem is called The Beauty of life. I hope it will remind you to appreciate the beauty of life all around you during this year.

Reflections: To a Joyful End

Getting saved from hell is easy, you only need to believe on Jesus Christ and admit you have sinned and call upon him to save you. However, being a follower is not so easy, going against the current culture can be hard. I wrote this poem to encourage myself on my journey as I follow Jesus. I wrote it to remind myself to keep my focus on the fact that no matter what I face in this life I will see Jesus at the end. This is a fact for every believer.

To a Joyful End poem text is bordered by a gold oval

You can read the full poem here.

I hope that this will be an encouragement to you in your walk with Jesus Christ.

Reflections: Eyes on Stars

Image: A star filled blue sky during nighttime.

Photo Source: Pablo Pacheco via Unsplash

This world has become stranger each day. We are most likely more busy or stressed for many reasons. I think that sometimes it is a good thing to stop for a moment and relax in nature. God’s creation is truly brilliant and very relaxing. He knows each star and he knows you.

Take a moment to be under the stars and remember that God cares for you. I hope this poem I wrote will bring you some joy today.