(B) Braille (#AToZChallenge 2021)

The Blogging from A to Z April Challenge letter B graphic can be found here. Braille should not be thought of as a language. Instead, braille is actually a code. Braille is is a code made up of tactile dots. Each letter or number or punctuation mark or symbols in math and music is represented … Continue reading (B) Braille (#AToZChallenge 2021)

Spotlight: Braille Creations By Amber

This post is not sponsored. Valentine's Day is coming up and if you are looking for an accessible card for a friend or loved one in the blind or visually impaired community Amber from Braille Creations By Amber has just what you need. She makes tactile greeting cards for all occasions that include messages in … Continue reading Spotlight: Braille Creations By Amber