Reflections: God Fights for You

Background photo is by from Pexels via the Canva library I have been wanting to share a song with you all that has been a big encouragement to me. This song reminds me that I must be still and let God fight my battles and that I have to worship God instead of taking … Continue reading Reflections: God Fights for You

July is Disability Pride Month | Be Happy in your own Skin

I do not usually consider pride to be a good thing to have, but in this case the word "pride" is necessary. July is Disability Pride Month and it is time that people with disabilities be proud of who they are. People with disabilities are constantly seen as less of a person just because they … Continue reading July is Disability Pride Month | Be Happy in your own Skin

Reflections: From Uncertainty to Eternity

(Background image excluding the text is by carloroberto9 via Free Photos) Today we live in an uncertain world. It seems that we are walking on a tightrope with danger on both sides. The truth is that tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. There is one solid foundation that we can stand on and this is … Continue reading Reflections: From Uncertainty to Eternity

Reflections: Take Life one step at a Time

Photo (not including the text) is by StockSnap via Pixabay Planning is a wise thing but sometimes we can take planning too far. We want to have everything set for the next 10 or 20 years. The thing about life is that it has its curve balls. When we think too far ahead it can … Continue reading Reflections: Take Life one step at a Time

Reflections: Rooted in Jesus Christ

March is Women’s History month. I recently read a Bible plan geared to women and it was very encouraging to me so I want to pass it along. The plan is called Becoming a Well-Watered Woman in a Parched World. This devotional showed me what it means to truly be rooted in Jesus Christ. Here … Continue reading Reflections: Rooted in Jesus Christ