My Fitness Update (June 2021)

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Well, the time has come for me to give an update on how far I have come when it comes to my fitness goals. I had hoped to exercise each day starting in January but I did not meet that goal. The truth is that I have only recently started exercising more frequently in june. 

I have started walking for 15 minutes following the Walk at Home program. I enjoy it and I find that it gives me more energy the more that I consistently walk. 

I have also been more aware of the amount of calories I take in each day. I did some research to get an idea of how many calories I should be eating each day. I use the My Plate app to help me track what I eat. I am not very concerned with accurate calorie count because I am not using this for weight loss but it helps me have a rough idea of how much i take in. This has made me pay more attention to what I eat and helps me not to over do it. 

I hope to exercise more often this second half of 2021. I want to work up to the 2-mile Walk at Home program in the coming months. I will give you an update on how it goes for me at the end of the year. These are tips that help me and if you want to become more fit i recommend you to speak to your doctor and do your own research to find what will work best for you. What is your favorite way to exercise? 

3 Ways to Exercise at Home

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Staying fit is an important aspect of living a healthy life. Many people think that they need to visit a gym multiple times a week, however, it is not necessary to attend a gym to stay fit. I want to share three ways that you can exercise in the comfort of your own home.These exercises can be done in small spaces and with minimal equipment.

Walk at home

One of the most accessible exercises to do at home is to walk at home. This exercise does not require any equipment and is very easy to follow. I highly recommend this video to get a 15 minute walk into your day.

Jump rope at home

Jump ropes are very affordable and you probably already have one at home. This is another fun way to keep your body moving at home. Here is a video that you can follow along with and get to jumping.

Pilates at home

This will help to strengthen your core. I have learned a lot from this video below. This is very easy to follow and you will feel it the next day. 

Some extra thoughts

It only takes 15 minutes a day to get some exercise in your day. I also like the 7-Minute Workout. I hope that these suggestions will encourage you to start exercising at home.

Fitness Goals for 2021: It is Time to Walk

Fitness goals walking 1 mile a day truly improves all aspects of life image shows a woman in a walking motion above the text.

Staying fit is one of the most important aspects of living a healthy life. I have not been exercising as much as I would want to. I am ready to make a change.

A lot of people think that meaningful exercise is a 1 hour workout, however, this is not true. 15 minutes of exercise a day can make a difference.

I believe that walking 1 mile a day truly improves all aspects of life. I enjoy walking at home with the Walk at Home program by Leslie Sansone.

This program is very easy to follow and it is fun as well.

My goal is to start off by walking 1 mile a day starting next month then increase to two miles in May.

What are your fitness goals for this year? I will give an update in June on how things are going for me. Take care and stay healthy.