Reflections: A Wonderful Friendship

This month is sometimes considered the month of love and friendship due to Valentine‚Äôs Day being on the 14th of February. This month can also remind some people of the fact that they are alone if they are not near family and friends. This pandemic has only increased the number of people that are feeling … Continue reading Reflections: A Wonderful Friendship

Reflections: The Value of Friendship

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and reflect on the value of friendship? A good friendship is one of those gifts in life that you can not put a price on. A good friendship should not be taken for granted.  Friendship is filled with joy, encouragement and honesty with a strong bond. Friendship … Continue reading Reflections: The Value of Friendship

Reflections: The Power of Community

Image shows silhouettes of people in a group.ription is at the end of the post. It seems that in a blink of an eye the world has flipped upside down. Now social distancing is the big rule to follow. This time has made me realize how much I miss community. I must say that I … Continue reading Reflections: The Power of Community

5 of My Favorite Podcasts

Image shows a headphones icon. I enjoy listening to podcasts and I want to share 5 podcasts you may find interesting. 1. Radio Lab I usually listen to Radio Lab on WNYC radio. I learn a lot each time as they discuss interesting topics. You can listen to the podcast on Spottify. 2. The … Continue reading 5 of My Favorite Podcasts