Life Lessons from “Claire | The Documentary”

Text reads life lessons from claire the documentary

In honor of Women’s history month I want to highlight the life of a young woman that has made me reflect on the value of life, her name is Claire Wineland. She was born with Cystic Fibrosis and sadly her life ended at age 21 but she left us all with important life lessons when it comes to the way society treats those that have a disability. I would recommend that you all watch the documentary on her life.

One of the main messages that Claire tried to get across to everyone is that people should not pity those that are sick or have a disability. She shares from her point of view how this only makes the situation worse and makes life harder. She says that people that are sick or have a disability need to know that they are “more than just a cause for charity”. She also says that what kept her fighting on was that she had a purpose in life and goals to accomplish.

Text reads as people with disabilities we have to make our own paths in the midst of a close-minded society

I completely agree with the point she makes. I have a disability myself and the last thing I want is for people to feel sorry for me. I also believe that it is important for those that have a disability to be given the opportunity to follow their dreams and to have high goals. Many times people with disabilities are looked down upon and not much is expected of them as they are immediately written off. The disabled community needs to lift each other up. The truth is that you have to believe in yourself first and it should not matter what other people think. I have learned that you have to stand up and advocate for yourself when you have a disability and you have to create your own path when society does not open one for you.

Another important message that Claire shared is that you have a purpose and you have a valuable contribution to make even when you are sick or disabled. You do not have to wait for a cure, you are valuable just the way you are. I think that we can let the opinion of others shape our thoughts and life and we stay stuck in that hole that is made by others. We have to find it in ourselves to rise above the negative views and show them what we can do. 

This has taught me to appreciate the life that God has given me and that i must use the time he gives me to make the world a better place. I may be visually impaired but I have a purpose. I have valuable contributions to make. I should not spend my time here feeling sorry for myself, instead I have to push on and give the best I have to offer. I am a Christian so for me that means I can share the gospel, I can pray for others and so on. I started this blog to encourage others through sharing my story along with helpful tips. I do not want to just watch my life go by and waste this gift God has given me.

I hope that this will encourage you today. I believe that you have something of value to give even if you are lying in a hospital bed. I believe that if you are alive today you have a purpose so do not give up on life for it is a precious gift.

Reflections: True Love

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Love, this word seems to be thrown around a lot. When we hear the word love we probably immediately think of a romantic relationship especially now in February with Valentine’s day coming up. The truth is that love is much more than that. There is the love of a parent, the love of a brother or sister or the love of a friend. The most important love of all is the love of God. 

When you do not feel love from anyone you can find that love by looking to God. For God loved you first.

John 3:16 KJV — For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

A relationship will not provide the love that truly fills your heart, only the love of God is enough to fill your heart. The only way you can love another person is if you truly experience love yourself and that is only found in God. People think they can find it from within or from someone else or from material items but none of that works.

Any love that you have in you was put there by God. The way a mother loves her newborn, that love comes from God, when a husband truly honors his wife, that comes from God.

God is the source of true love and running from him will only lead to tragedy at the end. So for those that feel alone today please remember you are not alone. God loves you and wants to fill you with his love and prepare you to give that love to others around you.

I hope that you look to God first for love instead of continuing to look in all the wrong places and he will lead you to the best place you should be in life.

Reflections: The Beauty of Life

The beauty of life poem text reads 
Arise, open your eyes
Stand in wonder
At the sea, and the stars.
All nature shouts
Take it in, every piece,
All around you
Is the beauty of life.

Do you ever feel that your life is on a fast train and you are constantly on go? The pandemic has slowed things down for many and it is a time to reflect.

I think it is important to stop and reflect on the beauty of life. First our own life is such a gift from God. Next we should take time to pause and take in the beauty and gift of creation.

I wrote this poem in 2018 and it is still relevant today. The poem is called The Beauty of life. I hope it will remind you to appreciate the beauty of life all around you during this year.

Reflections: Eyes on Stars

Image: A star filled blue sky during nighttime.

Photo Source: Pablo Pacheco via Unsplash

This world has become stranger each day. We are most likely more busy or stressed for many reasons. I think that sometimes it is a good thing to stop for a moment and relax in nature. God’s creation is truly brilliant and very relaxing. He knows each star and he knows you.

Take a moment to be under the stars and remember that God cares for you. I hope this poem I wrote will bring you some joy today.