Reflections: May Your Heart Sing

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Today I would just like to share an album that has encouraged me. I enjoy listening to the old hymns. I hope that these songs will encourage you today and that they will make your heart sing as well.

5 Albums You Should Have on Your Playlist

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“Hymn of Heaven” by Phil Wickham

This album has been encouraging me so much. I love every song on it. I especially like “Reason I Sing” and “House of the Lord”.

“The Worship Project” by Jeremy Camp & Adrienne Camp

The songs on this album are true worship songs that point to Jesus. I appreciate this about these songs. This was truly needed in the days we are living in.

“Woven and Spun” by Nichole Nordeman

I think Nichole is a brilliant songwriter. I can relate so much to her songs. I hope these songs will reach your hearts as well. One of my favorite songs on this album is called “I Am”. I cry each time I listen to it.

“Portals” by Fleurie

I highly recommend this album, it will take you on a beautiful adventure. I could not find the album playlist but here is a playlist of her songs.

“Her Heart Sings Volume 2” by Sounds like Reign

I love this band that includes their entire family. This album only features one of them but I want to share it because I love the hymns.

I hope that you will give these a listen and add some of these artists to your playlist. What are some of your favorite albums?

Reflections: God is with his Children come what may Come

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Today I want to share a song that has really encouraged me this month. It reminds me that God is with me no matter what I face.

I remember the story in the book of Daniel when his friends were faced with worshiping an idol or being thrown into a furnace but they chose to obey God. The king saw an extra person in the fire and that was Jesus Christ protecting them. The men that threw Daniel’s friends into the fire died due to the heat but Daniel’s friends did not even smell like smoke.

I love this story so much and it always encourages me when I read it. I hope this song reminds you that you have a faithful friend in Jesus Christ.

God is with his children come what may come.

Reflections: What a Blessed Assurance!

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The hymn “Blessed Assurance” has always been one of my favorite songs. The lyrics were written by Fanny Crosby. She happened to be blind but that was never an obstacle for her when it came to writing powerful hymns.

This hymn gives me such peace as it reminds me that I have the assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ. I can have complete joy in this. Salvation is obtained by faith in Jesus Christ. Crosby.

I want to share this beautiful version sung by the band Sounds like Reign. I hope it will encourage you today.