Get a Glimpse into an Office Setup for a Blind Employee

Image shows a computer and cell phone – Photo by free-photos on Pixabay

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and it is also Blindness Awareness Month. I want to take this opportunity to share some information regarding employment and the blind and visually impaired community.

It is widely known that the unemployment rate for those in the blind and visually impaired community is very high at about 70 to 75 percent. I want to focus on sharing examples of blind and visually impaired people in the workplace. I want to bring attention to the fact that blindness is not an obstacle and the job may get done a little differently but it will get 100 percent done.

The video below shows the various assistive devices that are available and how a blind person gets their work done at the office. I hope that all employers will watch this and be open to hiring more people in the blind and visually impaired community.