Reflections: From Uncertainty to Eternity

(Background image excluding the text is by carloroberto9 via Free Photos) Today we live in an uncertain world. It seems that we are walking on a tightrope with danger on both sides. The truth is that tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone. There is one solid foundation that we can stand on and this is … Continue reading Reflections: From Uncertainty to Eternity

Reflections: The Value of Friendship

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and reflect on the value of friendship? A good friendship is one of those gifts in life that you can not put a price on. A good friendship should not be taken for granted.  Friendship is filled with joy, encouragement and honesty with a strong bond. Friendship … Continue reading Reflections: The Value of Friendship

Reflections: To a Joyful End

Getting saved from hell is easy, you only need to believe on Jesus Christ and admit you have sinned and call upon him to save you. However, being a follower is not so easy, going against the current culture can be hard. I wrote this poem to encourage myself on my journey as I follow … Continue reading Reflections: To a Joyful End

Reflections: Eyes on Stars

Image: A star filled blue sky during nighttime. Photo Source: Pablo Pacheco via Unsplash This world has become stranger each day. We are most likely more busy or stressed for many reasons. I think that sometimes it is a good thing to stop for a moment and relax in nature. God's creation is truly brilliant … Continue reading Reflections: Eyes on Stars