Important Information for Those on SSI that are Considering Self-Employment

It is a fact that the unemployment rate for those in the blind and visually impaired community is at about 70%. I believe that the biggest challenge we face when it comes to getting a job are people’s mindset and attitudes towards us. The technology is now available making it possible to complete most tasks at the same quality rate as the sighted. We just need a shot.

The growing wave of remote work and freelance work is beginning to even the playing field. Self-employment is becoming a very popular choice. It is a wonderful opportunity to own a business and make your own rules.

Those on SSI may want to work but may find it tricky when considering the pros and cons. After all, you can only have up to $2000 if you want to continue receiving benefits. Employment is more than just about the money, it is about contributing to society.

Here are two points to consider when considering self-employment.

1. You can still receive SSI depending on how much you earn.

2. You can remain under medicaid coverage depending on how much you earn.

Here is an excellent presentation with helpful information.

I Hope to Become a Freelance Writer

Laptop and cup and other items on a desk
Photo by raw pixel on Pixabay

I have always enjoyed writing ever since I was very young. I can remember that a story I wrote in the first grade was turned into a book for the class. I joined the writing club in the fifth grade. I began to write a lot more in middle school and high school because I had a lot of alone time at lunch.

I got a BA inPolitical Science and I had a blog for a while where I discussed issues from a conservative perspective. I have tried finding work in a traditional office setting but I quickly realized that was not the best choice for me.

I have decided to take the leap and try to become a freelance writer. I want to cover religion, disability, society and culture. I hope to write for magazines in the near future. I chose this path because it allows me to work from home and on my own time. This is also a very accessible job as I already have all the tools I need to do the job.

I will let you know how I do on this journey to self employment while having a disability. Stay tune in to find out what happens.