Wax Warmers are a Great Substitution for Candles

Photo shows a small tea rose wax warmer that is lit up next to a large warmer that is a NY Yankees baseball cap.

I recently got two Scentsy wax warmers and I am really enjoying them. I have wanted an alternative to candles because I do not like dealing with the flames. I just want to add that this has nothing to do with my low vision. I know that people who are blind can use candles without any issues. I personally prefer to stay away from candles.

I love these wax warmers because they are easy and safe to use. I love the light up component as well. I also enjoy all of the scents I got. I have lavendar, vanilla and a honey based scent.

I would definitely recommend these wax warmers to fill your room with wonderful scents. Let me know if you have one and what are your favorite scents?