I am Visually Impaired and I use Glasses and a White Cane and a Cellphone

In this image I am standing holding my phone and a white cane and wearing glasses. I am wearing a white shirt and a skirt with blue and white stripes. Text reads I am visually impaired and use glasses and a white cane and a cellphone

When you see someone using a white cane and wearing glasses you may have some questions. You may wonder if the person is actually blind. I want to bring awareness to the fact that blindness is on a spectrum. This means there can be someone with no light perception to someone that has some usable vision.

I have some usable vision but not enough to be safe without a cane when I am out on my own. I explain more in this video.

I use glasses with a very high prescription so the lenses are very thick and they make my eyes look much bigger. The glasses magnify what I see and allow me to see things at a close distance but my one good eye is unable to focus on details. My vision also changes depending on lighting and on how much contrast there is.

I also want to add that assistive technology such as screen readers and magnification allow those who are blind or have low vision to use a cellphone independently. Screen readers turn text to speech and the user can interact with the screen the same way a sighted person would.

So please take time to get to know someone and just ask questions instead of assuming things.

I hope to continue to educate others about vision impairement and help make more aware of the facts.


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