November 2022 Favorites: Skincare, Music, Sermons and More

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Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you celebrated it and I hope you had a great November over all. I had a good November over all, here are some of my favorite things and moments in November.


One sermon I enjoyed was on an encouraging reminder to be bold as a Christian and to stand for the truth. I should not be ashamed to represent Jesus Christ even if it means I will stand out and be different from others. You can listen to the sermon below.

I also enjoyed a sermon regarding music pointing to songs of remembrance. I learned that as a Christian I should fill my life with Christian music and not the worldly music. I learned that music has the power to teach and to influence my emotions as well as each aspect of my life. You can listen to the sermon below.


This month I came across this song by CityALight called “Good and Gracious King”. This song is a great reminder of God’s love and grace. I hope this song will encourage you in your Christian walk. Listen to the song below.


These crisp cool autumn days are great but cooler weather can lead to dry skin. The cold weather caused me to have dry skin around my lips. I tried lip balm but the lip balm I tried did not help.

Blistex lip balm container.

My mother suggested that I try Blistex. This was the only lip balm that healed my lips from the dry skin.

This post is not sponsored by Blistex. I just want to share that it does work to moisturize dry lips. I am now using it in the morning and at night.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. Please talk to your doctor for medical advice.


This month I got to visit my older sister to celebrate her birthday. My parents and I along with my younger sister and her family had a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

We had arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas), pernil (pork) and potatoe salad. We also had parmesan crusted salmon, garlic bread, lasagna and baked mac and cheese. All the food was very good including the desserts which included flan and pies.

Some extra thoughts

I hope you all have a great December. What were some of your favorite things and moments in November?


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