How to Stay Organized when you are Blind or Visually Impaired

Photo Credit: teenacobb on Pixabay * photo shows an organized closet.

Organization is an important aspect in many areas of life. It is very important for someone that is blind or visually impaired to be extra organized. I am visually impaired and I must have a specific place for each item to be able to find it as quickly as possible. However, organization is more than keeping everything in its place, it extends into many parts of daily life. Here are some tips on staying organized regarding clothing, cleaning and planning when you are blind or have low vision.

How to Organize Clothing as a Blind or Visually Impaired Person

Coordination is key when it comes to fashion, at least that is what the experts say. Joking aside, it is important to look presentable and organizing your clothes is the first step. I don’t organize my clothes by color but I tend to keep dark colors and light colors in different groups for the most part. I prefer to ask someone when it comes to identifying colors. I find it easy to memorize the color of the item by feel and style. Here is a very helpful video by Bama Blind with tools and tips for organizing your clothes.

Tips for Cleaning your Home as a Blind or Visually Impaired Person

I am someone that cleans by touch. I don’t use gloves to wash dishes because I want to make sure every last bit of food is cleaned off. I will usually feel for crumbs on tables and other surfaces. Here is another helpful video by Bama Blind on cleaning and organizing.

Planners and Calendars that are Accessible

There are several planner/calendar apps that are accessible on IOS and Android. I use Google calendar. I want to share a new free resource that is now available on the Live Accessible website. This resource is geared toward those that have low vision as it offers bold line paper, large print planners and to-do lists. There are also resources for visually impaired pre-school students as well as meal planning templates. Here is a video with more details.

I hope that these suggestions will help those that are blind or low vision to stay organized in daily life. Leave any of your tips in the comments below.


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