Reflections: Life Lessons from Proverbs Chapter 7

The word wisdom appears in gold. There is an illustration of a gold gift box below the text. The background is black.
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The book of Proverbs is one of my favorite books of the Bible as it contains advice for every aspect of life. Proverbs chapter 7 is an interesting chapter that warns of the dangers of falling for flattering compliments that lead to messy situations. Here are some lessons from Proverbs chapter 7.

A general reminder to follow after wisdom and understanding

The first place that we should turn to find wisdom is the Bible. We should look to it as a guide for life. It is important to read it every day and really keep the word close. 

It is also important that we follow the advice of those who are older and have experienced life already and can help us to avoid mistakes along this journey through life.

Stay away from the one night stand

Popular movies and songs promote the idea that a one night stand is a fun thing and that it is the cool thing to do. The reality is that it damages everyone involved. You may be at a club or bar and receive some flattering compliments and quickly fall into the trap. 

The truth is that this has nothing to do with love, it is actually the furthest thing from love. This path will only end in destruction. You could destroy a marriage and family or you could end up with a disease. This behavior will never end well no matter how good it feels at the moment.

Some extra thoughts

This is all that this chapter covers and I think it is an important lesson to learn that will save you from very costly mistakes. I believe in waiting until marriage and remaining faithful within marriage. 

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