Spotlight: The Braille Chocolate Box, a Sweet and Accessible Treat

The words sweet treats for all appear in gold on a brown background.

Chocolate, it is the #1 favorite treat for most, and now that Valentine’s Day is approaching there will be a lot of chocolate going around. Chocolate is a fun gift to receive on any occasion. 

Today I want to spotlight a product that has made chocolate accessible to those who are blind or have low vision. 

I am visually impaired and I have found myself having to be surprised each time I pick up a piece of chocolate from one of those fun assorted chocolate boxes as I am unable to read the labels on the box.

I found out about Purdys Chocolatier around Christmas when I learned about the Holiday Braille Box. Learn more in this video.

** This post is not sponsored by Purdys Chocolatier **

Now the Braille Box is available for any occasion. The box includes a braille legend and braille orientation tags. There is also a QR code that when scanned with a smart phone connects to the legend online, making it accessible to those who may not know how to read braille. This gives those who are blind or have low vision a chance to enjoy their favorite piece of chocolate independently. This would be a sweet and thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day.

I have not personally tried these chocolates but I will update this post when I do. I hope this gives you a helpful tip on a fun sweet accessible gift for all occasions.


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